Since this pandemic struck the world has seemed to turn upside-down. But I think one of the silver linings is the enforced change in life itself. We cannot know what the future holds and this has caused us to take one day at a time. And that is not such a bad thing. Yes, it would be good to make plans again, especially for such things as weddings, vacations, and the like. Yet, living one day at a time has advantages too. We tend to savor the good things, knowing just how fragile life really is. And we become more courageous in our day to day living. As the pandemic continues to follow us like the proverbial dark cloud we begin to adjust. The fear loses its iron-clad grip, even as we continue physical distancing and health protocols. We’ve become more aware of all we’d previously taken for granted like the company of family and good friends; like the hugs from those dear to us; like the simple pleasures such as neighborhood gatherings; like the freedom of any social gatherings at all. We have taken so very much for granted.

 The pandemic came and forced us to really look at our lives and all the blessings we often overlook. What once seemed like a daily grind: the alarm clock going off in the morning; the drive, walk, or commute to work; the daily tasks wherever we might be employed, now all of it seems more like a daily blessing instead. At least, for those of us who were gainfully employed. Of course, there are many who were considered “essential workers” such as medical staff, delivery people, food processors or producers, grocery store workers, and more, who have worked tirelessly throughout these weeks of lock down So many of these people we have also taken for granted. When this is all over, and I fervently hope that day will come sooner rather than later, I hope we no longer take so much for granted. I hope we continue to take care of one another. I hope our eyes are fully opened to the magic and the mystery of this marvelous thing we call life.

10 thoughts on “Topsy-turvy World

  1. Beautifully said! For me the moment the grip of fear was alleviated was on noticing that the pandemic was essentially a human problem. My garden still grew, the parrots, lyrebirds, snakes and goannas still wandered across my lawn, the rocks still sat in the sunlight. It reminded me that my existence in the world is a tiny thing, but then so too is humanity’s place in the world. Despite all the impacts we have on everything, we are really not anything much on the scale of a planet, much less a universe. That gave me hope in a strange way.

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    1. Yes!!! When I stop and consider my very, very small place in the world in all its grandeur it makes me so grateful to have had the blessing of existence at all! Life will go on with or without my presence here. But while I am here I will do my best to practice gratitude for all life’s wonderful gifts.

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  2. Excellent post and thoughts Carol. If nothing else, the pandemic has shown us that a life fulfilled can be achieved through getting back to a more simpler existence. Time with family; simple pleasures; going for a walk.

    We have taken so much for granted in the past, that hopefully moving forward we learn to live each moment with great passion and love. Because, as we found out it can all be gone in a flash.

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    1. This brings to mind the song, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”. that’s not the title of it but one of the main lyrics.

      We do take life for granted and this pandemic has made us all more aware of our many blessings (at least I hope so).

      Thank so much, Glen.


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