I did not write this! But I wish I did. What a wonderful and poetic piece! Do yourself a favor and read this. I promise you’ll be glad you did!


“Spinning Dreams”

I am sitting at my desk, waiting for the laundry to get done. Before A gets back from his Target jaunt with his dad. Laundry in progress causes him a lot of anxiety, and makes of a simple task what my friend E calls Mount Laundermore. So especially now, during the shutdown, my husband and I have the sequence of events timed like a dance choreography. They leave, I whip into action, and they come back when the coast is clear and Bounce-sheeted.

Speaking of coasts, have I ever mentioned that in my head, I imagine us having a small beach house? Okay, that was a lie. I imagine us in a BIG beach house, with one bathroom for each of us, and lots of window seats, and ocean views even from the kitchen. Salt air blowing on every breeze, and a shady outdoor seating area that miraculously…

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