Normally I try to go through my photos and share some of the beauty I have seen in other places, at other times. Today I am inviting you to come see the backyard (so to speak, it’s actually the green space behind the apartment building where we live). I have been watching for babies in the pond where a pair of common golden-eyed ducks have made their home. For a long time I could not catch sight of them, I guess mama duck was keeping them hidden in the reeds and cattails that surround the waters there. I was delighted to see the pair do have four little ducklings, which have finally come out of hiding. Come see a few small miracles I was blessed to see this morning.

All four babies keep close to their mama
There were plenty of hiding places in the long grasses surrounding the pond
They were diving under the water and enjoying swimming around the pond, a pleasure to watch
Tall grasses, cattails, and reeds make for great camouflage making these ducks a challenge to see
Dragonflies are plentiful around the pond
How amazing is nature?
This red-winged blackbird stayed close by as I photographed the ducklings
he made me wonder if he is guardian of the pond judging by his constant chattering at me
The flash of color when the wings are extended is so beautiful
I am rather enamored of these birds, always a joy to see
Wild strawberry blossoms hiding in the grass. These wild berries may be very small, but they’re also very sweet

Next week we will go further afield. I hope you didn’t mind spending today at home with me.

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