Tough times do not last. I know this is true. I have experienced them time and time again. Still this whole corona virus thing seems like it has dug its feet in for the long haul. As businesses and organizations re-open across the country I keep waiting for that other shoe to drop. That second wave that sits like the monster in the closet I was so afraid of as a child. We’ve had a few, well actually three, pieces of news this week that make me wish I was a child again and could look to someone wiser than myself to deal with them.

 I wrote about Teather’s journey over the rainbow bridge yesterday. He belonged to my daughter-in-law and my son. He was such a sweet little dog and he will be missed so badly. That was one thing. Thing two: we learned that someone very near to our hearts and much loved may have been exposed to covid-19 just when we thought we were coming out of the woods where that dreaded, horrific disease is concerned. They will be tested on Monday and then we all await the results. I am confident it will come back negative, but still that small slim to none chance hangs over our heads like an axe about to fall.

Thirdly, we learned that my husband’s heart has suffered further deterioration. We are waiting for an appointment with a cardiologist in the big city. Our family doctor’s office said it could be a long wait due to circumstances around covid-19 and the long list of patients waiting to be seen. In the meanwhile, I may be called back to work soon. I work at the local library and have loved my job. Yet, the thought of working with the public in the midst of a pandemic is rather concerning, especially since my husband is at the top of the covid-19 list where vulnerable people are concerned.

I know I will be given the strength, wisdom, and fortitude to deal with it all from a Divinity whom I am so very grateful for. At this moment, as I write, however, I really want to tell the Creator, ‘enough already, enough!’  Yet somehow, some way, these tough times will pass, as others have passed. I just have to hang on and keep faith in the One who is all-wise and all-powerful.

13 thoughts on “Nothing is insurmountable, or, bad news really does come in threes

  1. Makes me think of that old country song..”One day at a time, sweet Jesus..” cause honestly, that’s the only way to handle all this anxiety, dread and unpredictability.

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  2. Boy, when you said “dug in it’s feet for the long haul” that really resonated. I saw this post a few days ago but life here has been troubled as well and my mind hasn’t wanted to focus on much of anything. Peg & I sympathize with your husband’s health changes. Waiting, whether it’s for an appointment, or for treatment can be excruciating. I’m not good about waiting on anything (as I’ve discussed) and I find it really hard to cope so sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way.

    The whole deal about having to consciously confront one’s own mortality is challenging for many. And the older we get the more “often” it seems to happen. Even if we have relatively good health to begin with. And it’s even harder when it’s another chink in the armor that we are already aware is chinked.

    Take care of yourselves.

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    1. Thanks so much, Peter. since I wrote this we did have a bit of good news. It was our daughter who we feared had been exposed. She was tested and it came back negative – thank God! Also my sister’s step daughter is recovering from Covid and has had two negative test results, sadly she caught it from her grandmother who passed away just a day before the young lady was hospitalized. We are still waiting for a call from the cardiologist’s office. It will likely be a long while before he can see that specialist. Thanks so much, your prayers are most welcome.


      1. This COVID thing is challenging to say the least. Our daughter and granddaughter both are working from home so their infectious contacts are limited. SIL and grand-SIL are a little less safe having to be out in semi-public. We got together for the first time in 100 days for part of one day (just a couple hours really) and I felt like I was doing the ‘wrong’ thing. As much as we tried to be safe and sane I know we missed a few times and since then have had a re-think about how much I want to attempt being with people in light of the surge in infections. The family is infection free but not concern free. sigh.

        Waiting. Not something I’m good at. My compassion for you both in that. I’m due to see the cardiologist in a month — first time in 9 months — first time in almost 4 years that he let me go more than 6 months before a followup — so that is good. We’re hoping that all will be stable and no change but when something touches your life you learn to see it differently than you might have when it was just a ‘thing’ to be dealt with. Yet… obsessing about something can be all the more dangerous.


      2. Yes, worries can add even more stress, which, in turn, causes more health issues. Still, it is not easy to ‘let go and let God’ at times like these. Aw, but the sense of freedom and lightness when I do!

        I have been watching what’s happening in the U.S. and praying for you all. And I name you and other blogging friends especially and commit you to His care.

        If there is a silver lining in all of it, it has been being forced to take life one day at a time and not take anything for granted. If nothing else it has reminded us all of how precious and how fragile life really is.

        I will be returning to work soon, but the library will not be wide open to the public, for which I am thankful. Apparently they are doing “curb side pick up” so there will be very limited exposure, and that at a distance. I am relieved about that.

        I hope when you do see your cardiologist that you get good news. Be well, Peter, and stay safe. Please convey my very best wishes to Peg and your family.


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