I took a little walk this morning and captured a few photos around a pond not far from home. I was a little disappointed that were not more variety of ducks and birds but I did enjoy what I did see and hear. I especially love listening to the song of red-winged black birds, although I love them all. Thought I’d share these for your pleasure (at least I hope it is a pleasure for you all).

This little sparrow was very active flitting among the reeds around the pond
So quick and so busy on this windy but warm spring day
I love the sheen of colors and he had lots to sing about too
Grackles were plentiful around the ponds
Red-winged black birds seemed to be in competition with the grackles
Their wings are so vibrant!
Mr. blackbird added his harmonies to the cacophony of song
While a pair of ducks took in the symphony and grabbed a bite to eat now and then

22 thoughts on “Spring blessings of birds

    1. Yes, there are a wide variety here as well, but not so much around the ponds within the city. However, in the woods there are lots. I hear them but cannot see them in the canopy as they are hidden by the leaves.


      1. You have trees with leaves up there? I would have thought it was mostly evergreens. We lived in Sprucrie Lake, SK for years. It is between Loon Lake and North Battleford. All I can remember is evergreens from Spruce Lake to Loon Lake and north. We lived in LaRonge too and I remember it as evergreens. It was a long time ago when my kids were little that we lived up north.

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