Yes. It is getting old. But we’re alive. We’re safe. And there is still social media, at least. The past several days I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning. My husband asked me why I was doing it “because nobody can come visit, no one is going to see it”. Well, yes, that’s true. But I cannot live in a cluttered house. I have trouble relaxing fully. All I can think of is the jobs and chores waiting to be done. It makes me antsy, even though housework is something I truly abhor. Anyway, it was time and it was something to do. Air conditioners are ready to go, well almost, but close enough. And, in the ultimate insult, it snowed last night and early this morning. Mother Nature is thumbing her nose at me, I think. It won’t last. Already it has melted off the balcony and the green space is quickly beginning to look green once again. It’s one of the pitfalls of life in Canada. Spring can turn back into winter in a snap. It’s not that cold outside. However, you do need a jacket if you venture out.

This morning I made bread for the first time in over twenty years. It was a good day to do it. Nothing like a bit of comfort food on a cool day. It turned out pretty good considering I am out of practice. Have I bored you silly yet? How are you filling the hours? Are you looking forward to a lifting of the regulations around Covid-19? I have to say I am nervous. And I wonder how long I will continue to feel fearful of strangers in the grocery store. Are you nervous at all? It used to be fear around the “C” word referred to cancer. Not any more. Although, of course cancer continues to be a very serious disease, it’s potential to end a life in a very short time frame pales in comparison to the new “C” word. Unfortunately, it will be with us for a long time yet to come, even after a vaccine is found. That’s the reality as I understand it. Reality bites sometimes. Somehow, we will get a handle on it all. Somehow, some way, we will go on with life. In the meanwhile, I will imagine visitors oohing and ah-ing over my delightfully clean home. No, not really, but I am looking forward to seeing family and friends once again and hugging them very tightly – whether the house is cluttered or not! (Clutter, another “C” word I dislike, and I like the reality of it even less.)

24 thoughts on “The “C” word

  1. Carol,
    Take a flight IMMEDIATELY to my house – I’ll even pay. However, I do not want you to be antsy so you must clean and declutter. I hate messy too but have NO energy to tackle it. Even the dust is complaining about dust.
    Unfortunately, because of several underlying conditions, which would probably put me on a ventilator first and in a casket second, I ain’t going anywhere until there’s a vaccine. I consider myself fortunate – I do walk Freddie my dog, am lucky enough to live in a home that has a lot of outdoor space and a lovely view and am retired. Many blessings and the fact I have a home to be messy is one of them.

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    1. I don’t think there is any settling to be had, at least not in the near future. I am working on getting a handle on living with it. I guess my biggest concern with all the talk about loosening restrictions is going back to work with the public. I am slowly making my peace with it all.

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  2. I like when you described the fear of strangers at the grocery store.
    We drove to a larger centre today, and went to Wal-Mart.
    Fear was very palpable in the air, as people avoided eye contact, and generally acted very tense.
    However, I am glad for the staff who are keeping our stores going.
    I was wearing a mask, and I wish that, for the time being, everyone would wear mask.
    I bought a massaging foot bath.
    I am enjoying extra soothing pampering during these times.🤗

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    1. It seems like less and less people are wearing masks. It seems like a lot of people are relaxing their behaviours, like social distancing. People come too close to me for my liking when I have to go into a grocery store. It’s worrisome. My husband is near the top of the list for people at risk if he were to contract covid-19 so that makes me very nervous.

      I am beginning to get a grip on living life with a pandemic. I treated myself to a couple of plants for my balcony. I love seeing flowers and green living things.

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      1. Hi Carol- I love seeing flowers and other living things too.

        I agree that people are relaxing their behaviours too soon. My husband is also at the top of the list for at risk people. Let’s just hope that people will continue to follow the guidelines. 🤗

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    1. It’s hard to get motivated these days. It has taken me weeks to get to it. It’s like life came to a screeching halt and even the mundane tasks were too much for me for a while.

      Good luck and I hope you found something worthwhile in my rant, er, I mean, post.


      1. thanks so much. Just a side note, when I click on your gravitar to go to your page I get a message saying the page has been deleted. Just thought you may want to check on it.


  3. Michigan weather is not much different by the sounds of it. We can experience all four seasons in a day. I can’t wait until restrictions are lifted and I can hug people again and go to church. I do think things will be different for awhile though. I’m just hoping the summer activities I enjoy don’t get cancelled. I would be incredibly disappointed.

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  4. I am the same with clutter………I can’t relax and I just want it all gone………so, that is what I have been doing…………very slowly am doing a whole house declutter, touching every, single, thing in our home………..

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