Its been a rough few days. It’s only Thursday but it feels like forever since the Athabasca river overflowed and came inland. On Monday the ice jam was 25km long, it is now 13km long. That’s a lot of ice! But it is dissolving slowly and the waters are receding, so that’s good news. The bad news is that many people who had finally moved into newly rebuilt homes that they lost to the fires have lost them again to the flood. It puts things into perspective. Hubby and I have been inconvenienced. We have to make the three hour drive out of town for his dialysis, but we still have a home. Unfortunately this situation may last another week. Yet we are able to rent a motel room in this lovely little community of Lac La Biche and it’s a very comfortable room. My brother continues to wait for news concerning his house and whether or not it sustained damage. The whole downtown core was flooded out. Around 13 thousand people had to be evacuate. My daughter and her boyfriend were also among them. And the adventures continue.

The biggest challenge has been maintaining social distancing and isolation. My brother and sister in law had to go stay with a granddaughter, whom they had not spent time with since the lockdown. I imagine there are many in similar situations.

And so I am asking for prayers for our city as we continue to cope with these often overwhelming challenges.

19 thoughts on “First fires then a pandemic and now floods. Please tell me this is it

  1. Ai yiiii yiiiii. That’s horrible beyond comprehension. I wish I could tell you “this is it” but I am afraid these disasters will continue until we address the health of our planet and the health – physical, mental & emotional – of it’s inhabitants.
    Prayers sent.

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  2. When life hands you a “quadruple whammy” (chronic illness, fires, floods, pandemic), what is a human to do? Step 1: acknowledge that this truly sucks. Step 2: be grateful for whatever sliver of grace has managed to manifest (such as your comfy hotel room). Step 3: keep on keeping on. Stay connected to your loved ones. We never know when our fates will turn towards more hardship, or more peace, so BE in THIS present moment. Sending you and yours so many hugs and wishes for fewer trials and tribulations in the days ahead.

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    1. Thanks so much, Celenia. Yes, I have been trying to stay in the present moment, but now and then feel completely overwhelmed. Yet I know this, too, shall pass. We have lived through a lot and it just comes down to a lot of inconveniences right now. I remind myself that people have lost their homes for a second time, so it could be so much worse than it is for us.


    1. Thanks, Sadje. We are receiving some good news. The ice is shrinking and water is receding. The town is hoping the water treatment plant will be fully restored within days. So those are all positives.

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  3. Praying for you, Carol. If crises come in threes, you should be done with them for a while.
    (I just read a piece about reincarnation. I am so glad the Bible says “It is appointed to a man ONCE to die, and after that, the judgment.” – Hebrews 9:27 One go-around in this life is plenty!)

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