It is a very sad day all across Canada this morning. My social media is filled with news stories and memes about the weekend massacre of over a dozen people in Nova Scotia. (Final tally of deaths is not yet complete as RCMP continue to investigate several crime sites.)

I cannot even begin to imagine what these families must be going through in the midst of a global pandemic. Among the dead was a veteran RCMP officer of twenty-three years. My heart is heavy as I write and I invite my readers to keep the families of the slain in your thoughts and prayers.

11 thoughts on “Thinking of bereaved families in Nova Scotia, Canada

      1. What our life has become, Carol. So much hatred in people and no one knows where they are going. Love and Kindness has disappeared looks like. Feel really sad but life is like that, no one knows what will happen next moment.


      2. I wonder how much the stress of the pandemic affected the shooter? It is a sad world at times, for sure. My heart hurts for the families involved in this horrific event. I pray they find comfort and peace in their sorrow. The whole country is reeling from this. We really don’t have many mass shootings in Canada so the nation is in shock over this.


      3. Yes Carol I too completely agree with your words. Who knows why and for what all this is happening, why we all can’t live a life of love and kindness. Hope everything becomes good as before šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™

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      4. I don’t know if I have my head terminally situated in the proverbial sands or if I am living in some kind of fantasy, but I do hope for better times ahead. I really do. I am hoping and praying that we learn the lessons this pandemic is teaching us: we cannot sustain a materialistic way of life; nature cannot continue to be plundered; we need climate action now: people above things, always….and so on.

        Thank you so much. Please stay safe too.

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