Come visit Signal Hill, a national historic site, in one of the oldest cities in North America. I took these photographs back in 2014 but not much changes on Signal Hill, ever!

seen from several points in the city, this is Cabot Tower, it sits atop Signal Hill and was a strategic defense location for millennia
A closer shot of the famous Cabot Tower on Signal Hill
An aerial view of the hill and its defenses
From the seventeenth century to the Second World War, Signal Hill defended the city
The Queen’s armory where munitions and cannon balls were stored
A close up shot of the armoury
Signal Hill was a natural defense location, but it is also a place of great beauty and views
Inside Cabot Tower a narrow spiral staircase winds upstairs where visitors can get a better view of the harbour and surrounding area as well as getting a feel for how things were operated in the early days when the tower was first constructed
In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message at a position near Cabot Tower
The main floor of Cabot Tower features historical information about the tower itself and Signal Hill and the city of St. John’s
There are hiking trails for the courageous and stellar views to be had from the hill
Overlooking St. John’s harbour, it is easy to see how Signal Hill was strategic in defense of the city
Cabot Tower stands guard over “the narrows” in St. John’s harbour
St. John’s harbour remains a busy port city to this day
Another view of the harbour from Signal Hill
St. John’s was named on maps dating from 1519
No matter where you turn on Signal Hill there are beautiful sights to see
Light houses warned sailors of the rocky shores

13 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday: Cabot Tower and Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

      1. At my age, my husband and I are getting to that point also. Hoping to squeeze in one or two more travels though though. He had surgery for spinal stenosis, right before everything shutdown. So his follow-up appointment was canceled, along with other things. Hopefully the COVID-19 situation will soon be over. Your photos are so beautiful, and I have never been to Canada (except virtually). My husband, who had a career in the Navy, has already been just about everywhere.

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      2. Every year for the past five years my hubby has spent significant time in hospital. I have been on tether hooks this year, so far, he has not (knock on wood), except for his dialysis appointments. He needs to see our family doctor, but our doctor is not here right now, so that’s a worry.
        My goodness, I hope your husband is doing okay. Follow up appointments are so important!
        I have never been outside the country but my hubby drove tractor trailer from Toronto to Mexico so he has seen several states. He always wanted me to come with him but the timing was never right. It was disappointing.


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