Divine One grant me strength

To serve with love and compassion

With wisdom beyond my own

Grant me:

Energy when I am weak

Rest when I am weary

Inspiration when I am hopeless

Quenching waters for my thirst

And calm in the midst of storms

Divine One, come,

Fill me when I am empty

Comfort me in my sorrow

Give healing for my soul

Please take my hand and hold it

When I feel so all alone

For when the night is darkest

And when my tasks are done

Let your peace be my pillow

My blanket, trust sublime

And then,

Help me when a new day dawns

To do it all again

20 thoughts on “A Prayer to Encourage

  1. Awesome Sis: This one should be shared on Facebook as well. I know a lot of my friends would like this prayer. Spiritual uplifting prayers like this are needed by everyone in this time of uncertainy. Love You Hugs to all & STAY SAFEย 

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      1. It does with me. But I have a slightly different outlook on it. Instead of us waiting for God to hold our hand, we need to reach out and hold His hand. It is the strongest support we can hold on to and we just need to reach deep into our heart and hold on.

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      2. Just to clarify a little bit, I was actually thinking of my children, whom I am unable to see due to social isolation. I was also thinking of all the families in similar situations. And I was thinking about life from God’s perspective. My thoughts were all over the place, really, as I wrote this. That’s the thing about art, whatever it’s form, it is open to interpretation and there is no right or wrong. It’s always interesting to read comments because more often than not others will take something different from what I write and that is both awesome and amazing. Thanks again for reading, Sadje.

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