While we whine and complain about all the inconveniences caused by social distancing doctors and health care providers around the world are dying because of a lack of personal protective equipment, which is direly needed to avoid the spread from medical professionals to the general public. Yes, we have our problems here as well with procuring PPE and I do not negate that at all, but reading articles such as this makes me realize anew how very fortunate we really are.


09/April/2020, 02:01PM,Asia,Times Of Lion

Doctors in Pakistan have warned of “deplorable” conditions on the frontlines of the country’s coronavirus outbreak, describing the pandemic as untreatable in one region and accusing police of brutally suppressing protests over working conditions.

One doctor who took part in a sit-in on Monday to protest against a lack of personal protective equipment said he had been “beaten and humiliated” by police.

“In the beginning, I thought, ‘How could police use violence against the frontline fighters of Covid-19 when some days ago the same officers had saluted us for leading during the pandemic?’” said Amanullah, speaking from the police station where he was being held in Quetta, in the Balochistan region.

“But we were wrong. Sticks and butts of AK-47 rifles rained down on us. We were dragged through the street and thrown into trucks.” He and about 60 other doctors were held in police detention…

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8 thoughts on “Pakistan doctors beaten by police as they despair of ‘untreatable’ pandemic

    1. Desperation, I guess. But it does nothing to resolve the issue of the lack of PPE to protect doctors, and thereby patients. It is shocking though, especially to our sensibilities. It really demonstrates the difference between nations, doesn’t it?

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    1. Governments are made up of people – people who are as unnerved and afraid as we are (if they have any sense, some don’t). But I agree this should not happen anywhere, doctors are essential and they should be protected with the best of equipment, not beaten or jailed. God bless our world, it’s in dire need of His mercy.

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