I am really good at procrastinating. It’s probably one of my biggest faults. In my own defense though I think it’s pretty common as we all deal with the fallout of this pandemic. Getting motivated to do even the simplest tasks seems next to impossible when you’re running on empty. Not long ago I read a news story of the shortage of masks and other protective equipment in hospitals seemingly everywhere. I have been sewing different items from dolls to bridesmaids dresses for years, though I haven’t done much in recent years. At any rate, I thought I would try my hand at making some DIY masks. My goal was to make a bunch to send to hospitals for our health care workers. Now, I am not an expert seamstress or sewer, but I felt it was a simple enough project that I could produce some reasonably workable items. I read up on it, downloaded a couple of patterns and was gung-ho to get right on it. After making a couple of proto-types for practice and feeling a bit more confident my sewing machine broke down on me. It was frustrating and also very depressing because I really wanted to do something to help. I am not mechanically inclined. My husband had a go at repairing it and I was delighted when it seemed he had fixed the problem – the mechanism that holds the bobbin had come apart. But it was not fixed, the area he had to work in was not conducive to bis large fingers. It fell apart again! However, a day or two later my daughter looked at it and following the diagram managed to put it back together. After trying it out on some scrap fabric I was delighted to have it back up and running. And then my procrastination demon kicked in, as well as that hateful inner voice that likes to undermine my confidence, (which is a large part of the reason why I procrastinate at times).

So, here we are a week later and I finally muster up the courage to try again. While the first couple of masks did not turn out perfectly, they are not too bad. I am taking a small break before I tackle them again. I think I have it down pat now and after sewing two different types have decided on the best of the two (in my opinion anyway). I am so grateful that my inner critic has finally been silenced and the procrastination demon sent packing. Wish me luck as I continue my mission. Below is a photograph of the finished product.

First attempt at DIY mask

19 thoughts on “Procrastinate no more

    1. I have a list of places asking for these. Health care workers will wear them over top of the N95 masks that are in short supply so that they can extend the number of uses for the proper masks. Please pray for me that my efforts will help in some small way.

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    1. Thanks so much, Peter. I have read a few sites which give information regarding fabrics to use. It is my understanding any home-made masks would be worn over top of the N95 mask to prolong their use, as they are in short supply.


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