Revisiting Banff National Park, if only through my photographs and memories. These were taken in May 2016 when we were evacuated from Fort McMurray due to the wildfires. There was a lot of stress at the time as we didn’t know if the house we lived in was still standing or when we might be able to go home. Banff was a much needed break. I remember how beautiful the mountains were and how comforted I was just taking in the views. It truly was balm for my soul.

We stayed in the small town of Canmore, which is actually inside of Banff National Park
This is a view from our hotel window
It was a very cool and overcast day, not the best weather for taking photos
The mountain peaks were still snow-capped and there was a fair amount of fog
a small stream flowing down the mountain side
The buildings in the town proper are quite beautiful

taken from downtown Banff, which is, of course, encircled by mountains
I was wishing the sun would come out, but even on a cold, foggy day the Rockies are amazing
Rivers run through the park rushing over the land in rapids and cascades
taken from the opposite direction – so beautiful there
taken from the car as we drove into the park
You may be able to make out the hawk flying out of the fog. I took this from the car so it’s not great quality but I was trying to capture the hawk…..
I would have liked to hike up into the mountains, sadly I was unable to take the opportunity at that time
Craggy peaks, covered in snow

I am not a professional photographer, but I hope you enjoyed this little trip in the Rockies with me. If you ever get the chance to visit Banff you will not be disappointed. My photos hardly do justice to this national treasure. I am so grateful I was able to see the mountains and hope to return one day soon.

19 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

  1. Balm for my soul too, Carol. Reading your words and seeing these beautiful pictures brought back such positive and fond memories. A breath of fresh air. I have been to Banff. With all of the mountains, picturesque little town, and friendly people, it really is quite wonderful. Between finishing high school and going to university my daughter lived and worked there. I enjoyed one of my favourite Christmases there with her. Magical. Precious. I am so glad that you are doing such a positive and happy thing for yourself. I know that this post certainly brought a smile to my face. ❀ p.s. I would love to visit there again one day…fingers crossed.

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    1. It is absolutely gorgeous there – a national gem for sure. I am so glad you got to visit and it sounds like a magical Christmas. It must be so beautiful there in December. It was May when we were there. I’d like to see it in every season. We wanted to go back the past couple of summers but smoke from the wildfires in B.C. made it impossible due to hubby’s health limitations. Please, God, we will be able to make the trip this summer – it’s about an eight-hour drive from here.

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