Oy! As this pandemic worsens nations are circling the wagons and attempting to block companies that produce personal protective equipment for health care workers from exporting these items. I do understand it. Fear, stress, anxiety, etc. etc. are not the monopoly of the rank and file. It sure is exposing weaknesses in the supply and demand way of doing business. Demand is certainly outpacing supply. As multinational companies moved to produce items at the lowest possible cost and for the highest possible profit; As globalization left governments at the mercy of big business the general population was left vulnerable. That cannot be clearer than it is right now. Nations that were once dependent on one another for goods and services are now throwing caution to the winds and practicing more and more of a protectionist mentality. I don’t pretend to have any answers, or even to have a really good handle on it all. All I know is that it is all very worrisome. And the more I read the more depressed I feel. Is being informed a good idea right now? Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. I think I need to reverse again and go back to my fast on the news! I have a headache!

28 thoughts on “To hell with being informed. It’s giving me a headache!

  1. Do a news “cleanse” and just stay away from it for a few days (or longer if you can). The world and all its problems and ridiculousness is still going to be there when you come back. And you will have given yourself some time of peace. Which we all need from time to time.

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    1. It’s probably for the best – too much doom and gloom. Too much sadness. It will swallow you whole if you let it. You are very wise to avoid it. Thanks for stopping by. Please stay healthy and stay safe.

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  2. I decided earlier this week to stop following so much of all the negative news. Some days I am skipping it completely and others maybe look for only a few minutes. What I am trying to do is emphasize the positive in my life. Water the positive seeds. With that in mind, I have been going on meditative walks, taking in all of the bird sounds, the trees flowering, all of the beautiful Spring flowers that are now blooming everywhere, and enjoying all of the bunnies. Bruce, my husband, and I go for a walk every evening, enjoying all of the nature around us. This evening we walked with a neighbour (keeping physical distance of course) and saw four bunnies. Bruce and I have started playing board games…lots of fun there. He is laid off work temporarily, so we are both really enjoying being home together. We’re each other’s best friend; it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m making myself meditate, exercise, and work on a book I am writing every day no matter how I am feeling. Since I’ve started doing all of this I am no longer living in fear all of the time and am just enjoying life. I am so glad that I got out of the rut of watching all of the negative news.

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    1. That sounds so wonderful, Maureen. I wish hubby and I could do that. Unfortunately we are chained to the house. Or, at least he is. I do go for quick jaunts by myself. It would be so much more enjoyable if he could joins me. I am struggling with trying to stay positive. The days I manage to stay away from the news are much better. I have been limiting myself as far as how much news I will allow myself when I do read it. I guess I am just too curious by nature. I do like to know what’s going on in the world, but of course, lately there’s just so much going on, isn’t there?

      Not everything I read is negative, there are wonderful stories too of people helping one another; of charities and organizations stepping up to do what they can.

      I was disturbed today and writing helps me get it outside myself. It helps-me change the focus, so to speak. Hubby is pretty limited as far as activity goes and spends most of his time watching television. this is a small apartment, so the noise from the t.v. makes meditation and prayer difficult to concentrate on. So here I am in the middle of the night stealing a bit of quiet solitude.

      Thank you, my dear, for your wonderful insight and suggestions. It was a lovely sunny day today and I watched children playing in the snow. I plan to go on a few short walks tomorrow. It does help break up the stress and make it manageable.

      Please take care and stay safe.

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    1. I have severely limited my news reading. I have to, it really is way too much information and very depressing. I allow myself to check the news every other day and only one or two stories! Self-preservation dictates that. I love reading blog posts here – so much better for my mental health, and often so uplifting and inspiring. I love yours.

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  3. I don’t mind “being informed,” except that the media in this country seems almost gleeful in their reporting of bad news. I guess hysteria boosts ratings. I do like hearing the other side of the statistics. For example, how many times have you heard reporting of the number of people who have RECOVERED from Covid19? Last I heard (and it was a while ago.), it was 120,000. That seems like good news to me.

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    1. Yes, hysteria does lead to great ratings. Not all news media are as focused on that though. I tend to read rather than watch. The Guardian is an online newspaper that does not rely on advertising. And then there’s the CBC, our Canadian news which is funded publicly, so again, not as reliant on advertising.

      Positive news does seem to have been torpedoed by the overwhelming number of “bad” news. I haven’t seen a recent statistic on recovered people either, but I know it significantly dwarfs the number of deaths. Unfortunately the drama of it all is what we are seeing. And rightly so, I guess. As long as it’s not sensationalized.

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  4. It’s hard to balance the need to be informed, and the risk of surrendering to fear. Faith exists to give concreteness to life’s uncertainty and a framework by which to live. Uninformed actions Aren’t faith, no matter how much blind obedience is promoted. You can’t be informed without… well, you know what.

    Let what you read send you back to God’s promises.

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      1. How people without faith handle this? On our neighborhood chat, someone made the statement that drinking was “the only way to get through all this.” I guess that explains why, when the only businesses allowed to stay open are “essential” things, they are grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, and liquor stores. (eye roll)

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      1. For all the “Christians” out there it seems to me that the ones who are the most vocal are often the ones who seem to allow the Spirit of God the least influence in their lives. Which is to say, they don’t really live what they talk about.

        Scripture is filled with saints whose lives were filled with trouble. Through the age of belief that has been true, too, of many of his followers who have spoken of the living-reigning-God in their lives. Faith is not easy, it is not intuitive, it is not for public consumption — faith exists between one human and one God. Faith is the real confidence had by a single human in a particular creator who has interacted with them in ways that may not be explainable. Faith is the reality of “draw nigh unto him, and he will draw nigh unto you.”

        When we know the Almighty then it doesn’t really matter if we are thrown into the lion’s den because we know him who has brought us to that point and we trust that whatever he allows will be for his greater glory — whether or not we understand that greater glory — and not whether or not that greater glory be demonstrated during our own lifetime — or in our presence. Faith is blind in that sense, but it is not blind in not knowing who we are exercising faith in. Many a human has died for the love of their life. But a human who supposes to “die” for God is assumed to be crazy, by this world.

        Knowing what we are doing and why is always important. Being able to separate knowledge from fear is not easy — it is the essence of faith’s test in the individual. But by and large God doesn’t ask a lot from his followers. Not really. And when he does we can be assured it’s for a reason that makes sense in His plan.

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      2. I have been through so many trials in life that have taught me much about God (or whatever name people wish to use). I know that God is always faithful, even when we are not.
        Yes, there are many who do not “walk the talk”. I don’t worry much about them. I figure it’s between them and God.
        It is true, faith gives us confidence – even in a lion’s den.
        Thanks so much, Peter. This is expressed so well.


    1. Yes, the days I manage to avoid the news are much better days for sure. Before I completed my degree I had earned my diploma in journalism, so I still tend to read reports, often against my better judgement these days.


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