The amazingly wise Celenia writes a timely and much needed post here. Please do check it out. It is extremely helpful and so down to earth practical.

"A NEW NORMAL" by Celenia Delsol (c) 2022

I’m someone who feels my feelings. I don’t run from them. I name them and confront them and sit with them. I’ve learned to be with whatever comes up emotionally. I find that the feelings eventually dissipate if I take this inviting approach, rather than an evasive one.

I am also someone who tries to find the silver lining in any experience. “What’s the lesson here?” I often ask myself, so that there is at the very minimum, a bit of personal growth.

And yet, I wake up in the middle of the night these days with troubling questions that don’t yet have answers. “What if this…?” “What if that…?” (which is all about worrying about what might be).

I decided to list them all. Just let them spew. I named every worst case scenario that swirled through my brain. And then moved into the antidote to “What if…?” which…

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10 thoughts on “The “What Ifs?” Of An Insomniac

  1. There’s one more “right here – right now” I’d add..and that’s to beware of the contagion of hysteria being spread on social media.. (and not just virus related.)

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      1. And, for that matter, life in general. But I have to say, the people on my Facebook are so positive and uplifting for the most part. I do see the odd negative news story or some bit of drama, but by and large those are few and far between.

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      2. You’re very kind, but I think it says more about my friends and family LOL but yes I get it. I have removed anyone who spews hatred or unnecessary drama. Life is just too short and I do not want to see that kind of crap.

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