These are a few photographs I took last June 2019 of cedar waxwings in the crab apple bush out front of the house I was living in at the time. With spring just around the bend I thought you’d like a break from corona-virus posts. Nature always cheers me up and soothes my soul.

Handsome dude, isn’t he (she?)

What is better than watching a bird in the tree?

Two birds (actually it was a flock, but I only managed to capture two

These cheerful fellows can be seen in woodlands pretty much year round according to the Cornell lab. They also visit suburban areas as well, eating fruit and or berries wherever they may find food. These fellows returned to the crab apple tree again and again, even though the apples were last year’s crop they didn’t seem to mind. A feast is a feast I guess.

13 thoughts on “Birds in the bush

      1. Thanks so much. Keep an eye on my site – a friend of mine takes absolutely stellar shots of birds and she has given me permission to use them. I just have to collect them first. šŸ™‚

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      2. I just posted a few samples of Kathy’s awesome photographs. I don’t get as many since we moved where we are now. Mostly all I see are ravens and magpies. But I do have some I will post at a later date. Thanks, Sue.

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