Just comforting myself with a little virtual trip back to my childhood home and native land: the West coast of the island of Newfoundland in Canada. I took these photos back in 2012, but there has been little change in the area since then. Come, see my stomping grounds.

This is the isthmus joining the Port au Port Peninsula to the rest of the island
As you drive along the Front Road, which follows the coastline, you will come to the small community of Felix Cove
There are new wonders around every bend, this is George’s Lake, just outside of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Overlooking the city of Corner Brook, on the island’s West coast
Port au Port Bay, NL, Canada
Looking out over the community of Mainland on the Port au Port Peninsula
This pond lays in the valley of the hills and is much bigger than the photo shows
Pinchgut Lake, near Corner Brook, NL, Canada
The hills get ever higher as you drive up the Northern Peninsula on the West coast of the island, these are the foothills of the Long Range Mountains on Newfoundland’s West coast
Often the view is ethereal and dreamy
Heading North along the highway just outside Corner Brook, NL, Canada
The Agathuna Quarry, once a busy enterprise that employed many local residents just outside Boswarlos, NL, Canada

11 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday a.k.a. A virtual visit back “home”

    1. Yeah it is acting up again. It put your comment in the spam queue, but I rescued it. LOL I think your son would love it there, but there are so many, many beautiful and serene places on this planet. So many places I’d love to visit. I am grateful that I can at least see some of these places thanks to the internet, but nothing beats the actual experience of being there.


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