“My reason nourishes my faith and my faith my reason.” – Norman Cousins

If you read my blog at all you will know that I do have faith in a higher power, no matter what name we choose to call him or her. Recently I posted a meme on Facebook about prayer and a relation questioned it commenting that God is allowing so many people to die. Fair point, I guess. It does make us question, and for some, doubt whatever faith they may have had prior to the emergence of the great turmoil, fear, upheaval, illness and death caused by this corona virus. For myself, personally, I will cling to the Creator because I do believe in a loving and merciful God. Why? Because time and time again we have received all we needed, even when things seemed absolutely hopeless, even when darkness threatened, even when others shook their heads and said “there’s no way”. A way was always given, doors always opened that we thought were closed and triple locked.

I will not pretend to know the answers. I absolutely have none at all. Here, in these darkest of times, my faith is being tested yet again. All I know is that all is mystery, and sometimes it’s very hard to sit with the unknowns, with all the questions, when we so badly want answers; when we so badly want life to go back to the way it was. But what if this crisis allows us to reexamine our hitherto assumptions about life? That cannot be a bad thing, can it?  If we can but learn whatever lessons that lay enfolded within this present crisis, we may emerge better people living in a better world. That is my hope. That is my prayer.

“Faith is different from proof, the latter is human, the former is a Gift from God.” – Blaise Pascal

5 thoughts on “Tests of Faith

  1. I absolutely understand that people are questioning and fearful and not comforted by this horrific pandemic. What sustains me is a fairly recent lightening bolt that hit me when I was very depressed and half-seriously said to my Baha’i guide “Beam me up into eternity.”
    I always thought that eternity was in the next realm. His reply was

    It was a paradigm shift for me that we are just in the initial stage (like an embryo in the womb) of eternity and when are bodies die our souls simply are born into another reality, another phase, of eternity (as when a baby is born into this world).

    I am still in my human form and I still grieve but now there is some comfort in my Baha’i belief that those who die on this earth pass from the womb and our souls are eternal.

    That doesn’t take away from the tragedy and fear we are all witness to now in time. Thank you always for thought provoking and stimulating posts.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your own experiences. I do not practice any particular religion (I am a lapsed Catholic) but I do believe in the power of God, the mercy and the love of God (or whichever name you choose). Thank you for your support and kind comment.

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