Help me hear you

Let the murmuring and the noise fall away

Let me sit with you, Divine One, in the silence,

In the enforced inactivity of these days

Help me reach out in prayer and supplication

Let my prayers rise steadily and irrevocably

Like smoke from incense to You

Help me hear you

Help me be still and know

Know that we are never forgotten

And let us all be comforted in the knowledge

That your power is mightier, stronger

Than anything that exists in this world

And certainly, more powerful

Than the smallest, microscopic, tiniest germs or viruses

Help us all remember that


13 thoughts on “In Supplication

      1. YES! As I said in one of my books, “Mankind’s dirty little secret is that each of us is totally helpless and dependent upon God. It’s just that many of us have been allowed to walk around thinking that we aren’t.” This virus could well be the antidote for that false sense of independence. 😉

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  1. wonderful prayer and reminder!
    I do think that when there is a vaccine for the virus we will look back and see the good that has been latent or that we have been blind to – the selflessness of humans, the knowing we are all connected as well as the global community beginning the process of the necessity of viewing this earth as one home for all.

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