Although we are all trying to practice social distancing, no measure of kilometers or miles, no distance can separate us when we unite in prayer. Let us be one.



O God, Divine One, I prayed

Come, heal our hurting world

Ease the suffering of peoples everywhere

And the answer came

I give you two hands

Two hands to lift up

To help and heal

I give you two legs

To carry you where you need to go

Whether across the street

Or across the world

Two ears for listening

To all the cares and concerns

One mouth, one mouth only

To speak the truth

Two arms, two strong arms

To carry away the burdens you will find

In every corner on earth

I give one heart

One heart to each human being

To love

And to each one mind

Created to understand

And so I learned

We have everything we need

To heal this hurting world

To ease the peoples’ suffering

And when our hearts and hands

Are joined in sacred purpose

Hurts will be healed

Suffering will be…

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