An upbeat take on how to live life despite the threat Covid 19 represents. Thanks to the writer for sharing this little gem.

...Bag O' Magic Soup

I refuse to be fearful. Even in this pandemic with my autoimmune issues, I refuse to be fearful. Life still goes on. I still have to go to work. I still have to run errands. I still have mouths to feed and bills to pay. I still have taxes to do.

I refuse to be fearful.

That’s not to say I’m not taking precautions. I wear those stretchy little gloves 🧤 while I go out and about and throw them in the wash when I get home. My husband has a can of lysol spray he carries in his car. I use hand sanitizer and wash regularly. I have a headband that doubles as a mask for gardening that I wear. I go through the drive through instead of eating in at restaurants. I order takeout through delivery services to keep the local restaurants in business. I do all I…

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6 thoughts on “I Refuse to be Afraid.

    1. Thanks so much. I just want to point our I did not write this, I simply reblogged it because of it’s positive message. We all need more positive messages and to support one another through this very challenging time. God bless you and yours.


      1. For sure, social media is flooded with conflicting information, and sometimes misinformation as well as fear and negativity. We have to do our best to battle these. Thanks so much for reading.


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