They are often overlooked or ignored completely, but how very necessary and important their work really is, and now more so than ever. So, this is my shout out to the men and women who clean up after us, who keep germs from spreading every single day of the year. They often go without accolades, and sadly, without honor. Yet without them how widespread would the common cold and influenza become? All work is honorable and good. ALL work.

I work at our local public library, which is housed in a huge recreational and sports complex. Every day, and actually several times a day, I see them coming in wheeling their carts with cleaning supplies and brooms etc. and always with a friendly smile and a greeting for us at the front desk. They clean EVERYTHING and I am so grateful they do. They are every bit as important as our medical staff; as our first responders; as every person who serve the public in any capacity.

Thank you, Divine One, for our wonderful and too often forgotten cleaning crews. God bless them all.

13 thoughts on “All hail the hard working cleaning staff at every public institution

  1. Amen! I read about a teacher who had an “extra credit” question on a test. The kids were excited at the chance to get some extra points. The question was, “What is the name of the lady who cleans the school?” Some kids whined and complained “How are we supposed to know that?” But the answer to their question is obvious. God bless that teacher for teaching the kids about the importance of every person.

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