First of all I want to send a shout out to all the fantastic women I have met via my blog. You all are so awesome and I am so glad to have “met” you. I hope you find lots to celebrate today. I applaud your talent, your wisdom, and your kind sharing of your experiences and/or sharing of images or music that move us all.

I have been blessed to know so many strong, kind, and generous women in my life. Two very special women really stand out as the epitome of wisdom and courage in my mind, women I do my best to emulate and follow.

One was a teacher, then a principal. She was a Presentation Sister and served as leader of the order in Newfoundland & Labrador for a period of time (back in the day this role had the title of Mother Superior). She was one of many women religious who had a big impact on my life – a very positive impact. Sister Regina retired from the teaching profession and went back to school becoming a licensed psychologist and making a huge difference in the lives of many. She is one of my many sheroes and someone I remember fondly.

A second woman I met while writing stories for the local daily paper, the Western Star, in Corner Brook, NL, Canada, several years ago. It is an interview I thoroughly enjoyed. The lady was retiring (again) from the Star after working there for many years. She delivered the paper to communities many kilometers away, often through stormy winter weather and over stretches of highway that wound through wooded areas famous for car accidents involving moose. She had started her career as a bookkeeper for the same paper. Later she would retire from that position to go back to school. All in all this woman retired from three positions she’d held for many years. She was seventy-nine years old when I met her and still going strong. She liked to keep busy and had many plans for things she wanted to do after she retired.

Women make such wonderful contributions to society, often despite many personal struggles and heavy challenges. Today I celebrate all the women I’ve known. Those I am related to; those I am proud to call friends; and those I have never met and yet their stories inspire and sustain me. Thank you, Creator, for the women who have blessed my life.

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