“This expression alludes to a person awakened by a neighbor who loudly dropped one shoe on the floor and is waiting for the second shoe to be dropped. (Early 1900s)” – Dictionary.com

We have been waiting for it to happen; for the other shoe to drop. It was inevitable. We knew it. He would end up back on dialysis. It was merely a matter of time. Diabetes had ravaged his kidneys to such an extent that they were failing. Diabetes sucks. It really, truly does. So, here we are. So what? Life goes on and we will deal. You know I lie, right? I am endlessly the optimist and at the very same time a pragmatic realist. Mixed in there as well is the wisher and dreamer. The one with her head stuck in the sand. I swear I do have ostrich DNA in the mixture of my gene pool. I want to wave a magic wand and make it all go away even as the realist in me puts up sound arguments for acceptance. Even as I mourn the news we got yesterday.

However, like most things in life there was an up side. A spot had opened up here in town so there will be no lengthy stay in the big city. I am trying hard not to dwell on the downside of it all. Somebody died in order for hubby to have that spot. Why did the doctor have to tell us that? Why? I really could have done without that added bit of information. Aw, but there it is. I am truly grateful he will have a spot. Yet, I am saddened knowing a family somewhere here in town is grieving their loved one. That bit of information also put horrendous expectations in place again. Kidney disease – dialysis can only do so much. It cannot clean all toxins from the blood and so there will come a day when the other shoe will drop again. But until that time, I pray we will use the time given wisely and thankfully. Life truly is a gift. Please, Divine One, help me not dwell on morbid expectations and maudlin thoughts. Help me give thanks for this reprieve once again.

16 thoughts on “Waiting for the other shoe to drop

  1. I truly wish that I could sit down with a cup of tea or coffee or maybe even something stronger if necessary and talk with you. I know exactly what you are saying and I know exactly the thoughts that are going through your head for they have been my thoughts too. It is hard for anyone to understand who has not gone through these things. acceptance versus wanting something positive to be done. Regret. Hope. And many more things that I could name. Oh yes and also the ostrich. I am with you Carol and God is with you too and I am with you in thoughts and prayers. I seriously do wish that we could sit down and talk together. Bless you Carol. ❤️


  2. Of course you are having mixed feelings about this next stage of care for your husband. Good news, there’s an opening for your husband! But bad news for another family. But good news because it’s closer. But bad news because husband is still in need of this medical intervention. But good news because he’s still here. You are rolling with the punches, my dear. Graciously. Tremulously. It’s all part of the package. And your writing, as always, gets to the core of the matter: love and faith.

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