Is there anything more frustrating than a government website? Forgive me while I rant a bit, but honestly, I think they’re designed to send people absolutely batty! And by the way today is Bell’s “Let’s talk day”. It is a day designed to get people talking about mental health. The corporation donates five cents to the Canadian Mental health Association for each text message sent on their network. How ironic is that?

I swear to God, governments are the cause for much mental illness these days. At least, the particular page I have been trying to navigate is contributing hugely to mine today. So, I try to call the help number. No bloody help AT ALL!

Thank you for “listening”, that is my rant for today. Eventually I will calm down and try again. It’s a useless endeavor until I do.

19 thoughts on “Government websites

  1. I sympathise, having recently tussled with a couriers website that took me round and round in circles, never to get to what I wanted. And the help phone line turned out to be just another computer that went around another circuit and back to the first one. All designed to obscure and avoid human contact!

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  2. There don’t seem to be very many organizations (including governments) that really want to provide services. They want to collect their fees with the least bother possible. I’ve been trying to get an answer from an insurer and after 5 calls & a couple hours on the phone I am still having to wait 2 more weeks to see if my 3-4 week promise will come to pass.

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  3. Yep, the US government can be maddening, too. One agency had my husband’s birth date wrong, and every time he tried to call them to get it fixed, the automated system wouldn’t let him get through unless he entered his birth date. The right one didn’t get him through because that wasn’t the one they had on record. The one they had got him through, but then he had reinforced their mistake. It took over a year of emailing, snail-mailing, and hair-tearing to get the thing straightened out.

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