There are so many wonderful writers, poets, photographers, and artists of every stripe here on WordPress. From time to time I am struck by the eloquence of a writer, or the beauty of photographic works. At others I read something that really strikes me as important and/or wise. When I do, I feel moved to share through the reblog option (sometimes I also share on social media sites).

As I write this I am trying to overcome all the heartbreaking news stories I have been reading: the crash of an Ukrainian  airplane in Iran that was carrying so many innocents, including 57 Canadians – my countrymen; the horrific damage caused by bush fires in Australia; flooding in Indonesia; earth quakes, volcanoes, and other disasters around the world. Add to this all the terrible political stories. It’s been a disheartening month in many ways, and we’re only halfway through January.

Yet, there are so many wonderful, uplifting stories to be found here, so much wisdom, so much kindness and warm empathy. This is why I reblog and share. The world needs more positive messages. Often what I share is so wonderful I just hope others find as much enjoyment as I do in the widespread gifts shared by such wonderful people. It’s a small world. It really is. I thank the writers, the artists, the photographers and poets who share so unstintingly of themselves. And I wish you all many, many blessings.

11 thoughts on “Why I reblog/share

  1. I am going to follow your lead. I’m going to start reblogging as well. You are right about all the great writing out there. We need to share the wealth! And thank you for reblogging my writing from time to time. You do me such an honor when you do.

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  2. When you reblog, you’re paying a compliment to the admin and share something great with your readers. Blogging is about sharing. It’s what blogging is all about.

    It’s a bit like sharing on social media, like facebook or twitter. Interesting articles, hilarious posts, and beautiful pictures/videos isn’t something one should keep for themselves. They’re created for the purpose of sharing.

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