This writer is forthright, honest, and a joy to read. I am so glad to have stumbled across this blog. Read on, I think you will be glad too.

Tales from a Flying Fish

Men have been driving this world for the past two hundred thousand years and from what I can see through the rearview mirror the picture ain’t pretty so I say it’s time women take the wheel.

Notice I did not say, “Throw us out of the car and make us eat your dust.” After all, you’ll need us to change a flat tire now and then.

I know you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself. I just think women’s hands should not be soiled by axle grease. They are meant to nurture and heal. Let us do the dirty work and heavy lifting, not because we think you’re weak, but because we care.

Just imagine the world led by your nurturing power backed by our warrior fierceness.

You want to reforest the planet? We’re on it!

Australia is burning? We’ll douse it!

There’s a bully blocking your agenda? Tell us…

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3 thoughts on “Women of the World, Please Take the Wheel!

  1. It’s a great post, I will say that he casts a broad net, and not all of us guys are caught in it 🙂 That being said, I would like to see more women take the lead, and for that matter, I’d like to see more of the younger generations stepping up to the plate too 🙂

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    1. No, not all men are “Trumps” and thank God for that! Any time we stereotype people regardless of the label we apply, it’s just plain wrong. I have met a few really great young people, but we also need to allow them a voice….too many times we don’t.

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