I was so happy to have our fur baby with me during our brief stay in Edmonton. She did a fair bit of crying when we first left home, at least for the first little bit, but on the way back she was ready for it. And, yes, she did enjoy the hotel room (I told you I’d let you know of her decision). She enjoyed exploring all the new smells and especially the window where she could investigate, at least visually, the big city. She spent the first half of the journey home on my lap. She remembered not to get under my seat where she’d suffered the indignities of wet paws and a dirty tail on the way down. On the final leg of the trip she settled down in the back of the car and had a nice cat nap.

Callie really is my furry angel and I fully understand how our pets came to be called ‘comfort animals’. She certainly comforts me. We hit freezing rain as we made our way back into the city we call home. It was stressful. But, having Callie aboard definitely helped lessen my anxiety. Here are a couple of photos of Callie in the hotel room, and in the car going home.

Looking out at the city and seeming to enjoy the view
“What’s that, Mom?” Taking in the view as we drove home. She is one very curious little beast.
My lap was a much warmer, drier, and cleaner place to sit during the drive. I rather enjoyed it as she is not given to sitting on my lap as a rule….

9 thoughts on “Callie’s road trip part 2

  1. Awwww, she’s a beauty. How nice to travel with fur baby in lap. My dog has her own car seat in the back. I spy on her from my rear view mirror. Every now and then I put her car seat in the front next to me, and I can look into her eyes and pet her (even though I know we’re both safer if she’s in the back). Our pets can be such a comfort!

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    1. Yes, it is safer for them in the back, but I did enjoy having her on my lap – she rarely does so at home. Our fur babies are so important to us, for more reasons than I can articulate well.


  2. Thank you so much for including the pictures of your furry family member. As I read your words about her as you traveled my heart melted…and then the pictures! Um…no surprise, my heart melted even more. (Is that even possible? lol). ❤ ❤

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