Its been a while since we drove any distance with our beloved fur baby along for the ride. The last time was the spring of 2016 when we were fleeing a forest fire. Callie is a fairly well traveled cat. She has flown from Ontaro to Newfoundland and years later, from there to Alberta. She’s also been on several small road trips. But, it’s been a while. Suffice to say today’s little journey was not without its adventures. For one thing winter has made an appearance so the floor mats are quite wet from the mess on my boots. So, I arrived at the hotel covered in fur and in small paw prints. This is Callie’s first winter excursion and the place she most likes to ride is under my seat – Not so great this time of year. Her paws got a soaking and her beautiful fluffy tail got rather dirty. She, being fastidious, was not impressed. Poor baby. She’s not given to sitting on my lap but she made an exception today my lap being dry and much warmer than the floor. Yet we have arrived at our destination safe and sound if a little disheveled. Oh the horrors……She is now perched upon the back of a chair and making up her mind whether the room is to her satisfaction. I will let you know what her decision is on the matter. By now you all know who rules the roost. Yes, seriously. Hahaha

Settling in at the hotel.

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