Ready to play? Callie is pretty much always ready…

Here it comes: another Callie tale. Yes, another little story about life with Callie-cat. First let me tell you about one of her most favorite games. It involves me chasing her around the house calling out, “I’m gonna get you”. She initiates this game first of all by a wild race through the house bounding over furniture at break-neck speed. It’s also a sort of hide and seek kind of thing because she hides and waits for me to find her. Once I do, I say, “I see you”, and she’s off and running again. I call it the chase me game. Without fail she wants to play this the minute I get home from work and mostly I try to humour her by going along with her mad cap antics. But some days I arrive home totally exhausted and cannot stay on my feet another moment. That’s okay – Callie has her back up plan for attention: she leaps up onto my bed as soon as I enter my bedroom to change into comfy clothes. She meows and bids me come lay down with her. (At least that’s how it seems to me). Once I lay on the bed with her, she immediately rolls over on her back for another favorite activity: belly scratches. It is always a mystery to me how much better this little fur baby can make me feel, especially if my day has not gone all that well. I get how the term “fur baby” was coined. Callie is very much like a human toddler and has me completely enthralled. Perhaps she was a witch’s familiar in a previous life? I say that because it seems I am bewitched. Seriously. But I’m not complaining.

7 thoughts on “Bewitched by Callie-cat

  1. I love this post! lol Please, please, please, give your wonderful little four legged family member a scratch or pat or whatever she wants for me… ❤ Can you tell that maybe I am a cat lover too? ❤

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