Some days are heavy. It is what it is. My brother is very much on my mind today, as are his children and his granddaughter. Some news just opens up wounds and we feel the hurt anew. It’s been nearly three years since he died tragically in an event that was wholly preventable. Three years. It’s hard to believe – it doesn’t seem that long ago. We go on with our lives – what else can we do? As most of you know he was killed by an impaired driver as he was driving home from work. I am searching for peace as I write this and trying to let the heaviness go. Life sometimes seems so hard. I just found out that the man who killed him has been granted day parole – he has not served even a year of his four-year sentence. I am trying to process this information. I am trying to fully forgive. One step at a time, I guess, and one day at a time. And in the end, it really doesn’t matter whether he serves one day or several years – nothing will bring Chris back to us. So, what to do? There really is nothing to be done is there? Chris was a generous, kind, and loving individual with a terrific sense of humour. Hopefully I will find a way to channel these personality traits and live life as fully as I can, both for myself and to honor my younger brother who was the epitome of selflessness.

18 thoughts on “Wounds revisited

  1. I am so sorry Carol. I remember about your brother, Chris, and the impaired driver. It is so difficult when we have our wounds opened again. So very very painful. And for this man to be let out on Day Parole after not serving proper time is just devastating. I am so sorry. I pray that you will find a way through this. I reach out to you in love Carol. You are in my thoughts and orayers.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear about the man who killed him getting out of prison so soon. It really does seem so wrong. I can’t even imagine what you are going through with all of this. I will keep you and his loved ones in my prayers. Big hug, Maureen ❤

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    1. Unfortunately it wouldn’t matter how long he spends in jail – it won’t bring Chris back to us. You know what I’d really like to see is more money spent on mental health so people do not have to turn to alcohol and other drugs to soften whatever pain that causes addition in the first place. I believe every addict is using to self medicate. I know that many would not avail of counselling even if it was more widely available, but that’s an issue too: the stigma attached to mental illness. Tougher laws, or longer jail terms for offenders will not fix the issue in my opinion.

      At any rate, I am sincerely grateful for your kind support Maureen. Hugs back. ❤

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