There is a crab apple tree right in front of the living room window. Our neighbor has one as well. She picked the apples last fall – I have no idea what she may have done with them. I left the ones on ours for the birds to eat during the long hard winter. This spring her tree was covered in beautiful blossoms – many more than graced the one in our yard. I was a bit envious, to be honest. However, the last few evenings we have had the pleasure of watching cedar waxwings visit our tree to snack on last year’s apples. Last evening it was pouring down rain quite hard and the birds returned again to shelter from the rain and to gather much-needed sustenance. I am so glad the apples are there for them. We may not have had the prettiest tree in the neighborhood this spring, but I consider it such a blessing and a treat to be able to watch these little guys feast and flit back and forth among the leaves.

Here are a couple of photos for your enjoyment.

Dried crab apples – a delicacy for the birds (apparently)
One of several cedar waxwings visiting the crab apple tree out front of the house

13 thoughts on “How about them apples?

  1. Oh my goodness, those little waxwings are so pretty!
    You can enjoy the blossom on your neighbour’s tree and watch all the birds on yours. 😁

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