As wildfires rage, and as tornadoes and flooding in various parts of North America continues to wreak havoc the need to confront all that climate change has wreaked upon the globe it is past time to come to grips with it. The author says it all much better than I ever could. Check out this post.


Tibetan Woman with Solar Panels, Everest Expedition © John Novis / Greenpeace

A local Tibetan woman talks to Greenpeace, she has five children and runs a busy guest house in the village of Zhang Zong. © John Novis / Greenpeace

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2 thoughts on “Why the Whole World Needs a Green New Deal

  1. There are so many issues here that I agree with, but they all lead to more questions. I wish emotions, politics, and religion would be set aside long enough for us to seek solutions for building a healthy planet and working toward a more hopeful future for mankind and all living things. Another one of my pet peeves is the quality of food and its production. Why are people going hungry when food is thrown away? Make me stop. I can go on and on. Thank you for bringing this important subject up. I don’t need my 5th cup of coffee now. You woke me up! 🙂


    1. Yes, food security is a big issue. I read somewhere that France and a couple of other countries have made it illegal to throw food in the garbage. Amen to that. It should be going to food banks or to schools for breakfast and lunch programs. I hope more countries follow suit.

      There are so many issues regarding climate change and the effects its having on the planet. I like this blog site as it addresses many human wrongs – as its title suggests. I am heartened that you chose to read this post. Awareness is so important – although you obviously are very aware. Thanks for reading.

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