Alberta skies can be so beautiful and the forests verdant

Spring can bring so much joy and renewed energy, but this morning there is a strong scent of creosote in the air. I am wondering if it’s from the wild fires that are burning south and west of here. Alberta’s wildfire season has begun with a vengeance and one town has already been evacuated. I am praying for rain I have lived through a month-long evacuation three years ago and I truly empathize with the fear and anxiety that people in central Alberta are experiencing as I write this.  How people can deny climate change and the horrific effects it is having on the planet is beyond me. Please add your prayers and positive energy to mine for rain and for the safety of all who have been evacuated and for those who are warned of an imminent evacuation order. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Wildfire Season in Alberta – again

    1. Ir is not anywhere near where we live, but as we have learned, when everything is dry the potential for wildfires increases. Hopefully our region will not be faced with it for a very long time. But people who live just a couple of hours south of us and communities in the north west are facing terrible fires. Thank you for your prayers.


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