Coming home after round two in Edmonton I am still harboring feelings of apprehension. The past few years have been fraught with difficulties and challenges where my hubby’s health is concerned. Fear seemed to be a constant companion with each and every hospital visit. I am still holding my breath. He’s still in hospital and while there have been successes such as his recent surgery other issues remain.

Doctors had said he was at a very high risk for surgery, in fact they warned he may not survive it. All these thoughts were on my mind as I sat waiting for the operation to be finished – as I waited for news.

I had met and made friends with two women from Northern Saskatchewan during his last hospitalization. I was grateful when they offered to come sit with me while hubby went through the surgery. They were a wonderful source of strength and a welcome distraction as we traded stories about our lives. Words cannot express the relief when I received word that the operation was successful and he was in the recovery room. I will always be thankful for the support and friendship gifted to me by these women.

Life and death take on a much deeper meaning when your days and nights are spent in a hospital. I was blessed to meet many kind and compassionate people during my time in Edmonton. People whom had been total strangers prior to this. People who I will keep in my thoughts and prayers for a long time yet to come. People who have become friends. Friendships forged in the fires of fear. Friendships that gave hope, support, and sustained us.

A rainbow over the skies at the airport where we awaited the air ambulance that would take us home

As the day finally came when hubby was transferred back to our local hospital, I bid good-bye to one and all – friends, doctors, and nurses who had aided me in so many ways – not least of all in lending their strength when I was at my weakest points. At the airport a beautiful rainbow arched across the sky – that age-old symbol of hope.

As the plane flew us back home the scene outside the window was serene and beautiful. We were flying above the cloud cover and the sun shone. It seemed an apt metaphor: no matter what storm clouds may gather I hope I will remember the sun will always light the way again.

The sun above the clouds made for an idyllic and tranquil scene as we winged out way home

14 thoughts on “Edmonton Adventure #2: Blessings and signs of hope

  1. Oh Carol. I didn’t know that your husband was still in hospital. I am so sorry, but wilk oray for him, and for you. How wonderful that those women were there for you in that anazing way. I understand about lufe and death taking in different dimensions, as it dud for both me and my hysband when I was at death’s door with my cancer. Carol, you are so strong, though I guess there are times when you din’t feel that way. You are an amazing oerson. Lots of love to you. Xx


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and your prayers. I am hopeful that he may be discharged this week. He’s been in hospital since 9 February with a brief 2 week gap in the April. It is what it is. Life can be difficult as you know only too well. Prayers are always welcome. Unfortunately he has so many issues that finding meds that will not aggravate or cuase further issues is a huge challenge for his doctors – which they are presently truing to sort out. Thanks again, and you are in my prayers as well.


      1. You’re right, and yet..I’m sure there’s strength and determination required to just get out of bed and face the day to do what you have to do at times.

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  2. Carol
    I am so blessed to have met you. We were fighting our own battles yet we just clicked. You always made me laugh and that ment so much as I didn’t always feel happy. I hope you find health and peace. Our roads crossed for a reason and I will never forget that. Love you and big hugs


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