As many of you know, one of my hobbies is amateur photography. I love photography, I also love being out and about on the trails, beaches, mountains, valleys, and plains that make up our beautiful country. Since today is a day set aside to celebrate the planet a.k.a. Earth Day, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite photographs I’ve taken over the years.

Winter in the woods, and everywhere
First blooms of Spring
A fiery sunset in Stephenville, NL, Canada
One of the first signs of Spring is when the American Robin returns. Last year a pair of robins made a nest in my neighbor’s flower box – it was wonderful to watch them raise their young. May 2018
In our area fog is a frequent weather condition in spring
Banff, AB, Canada in May 2016
Summer in Newfoundland & Labrador is simply beautiful. This is the tiny hamlet of Felix Cove located on the Port au Port
Peninsula , NL, Canada
Overlooking Port Harmon and Stephenville International Airport, NL, Canada
Mists hang over the ponds in the wee hours of a summer morning – Noel’s Pond, Stephenville, NL, Canada
Gravel’s Nature Trail, Port au Port West, NL, Canada: a view from inside one the caves looking out on Port au Port Bay
Is there anything more awe inspiring than a rainbow on a summer’s day? Yes, TWO rainbows – Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Storms clouds gather over a mixture of old and new growth forest in Northern Alberta, Canada
Fall means spectacular color no matter where you travel in Canada. On Earth Day this is a subtle reminder that ALL life matters.
Agathuna Quarry on the Port au Port Peninsula, NL, Canada
A spectacular sunset in Port aux Basques, Nl, Canada

Pinchgut Lake, minutes from Corner Brook, NL, Canada – I couldn’t resist trying to capture the beauty of the wildflowers, the lake, and the hills

I hope you have enjoyed these photographs. and I hope you enjoy a bit of nature on this Earth Day. Please help, do your part so future generations can view and enjoy our beautiful planet.

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