It’s been a long hard road to travel, but after nine weeks in hospital my husband and I are finally home at last. I am so grateful for the people who shared my trials during his hospital stay. I am grateful for the daily phone calls with my siblings; For the many kind words delivered via social media. And I am grateful for new friends who supported and sympathized with me while they themselves were walking the same or a similar road.

Yes, we are home. Is he better? No, he is not, but he is no longer in a crisis situation, which, again, I am very grateful for. Our first day back at home had me awakening to the sound of the thud as he fell to his knees on our bedroom floor. No, he was not hurt, but it is an example of how he is not really ‘better’. The dizziness remains, and most likely will form daily living for as long as life lasts. This is not new; he has been living with this condition for a few years now. I had hoped the doctors could find some magic pill that would take it away. Sadly, that is not to be. It is simply one more side effect of diabetes. It places severe limitations on what he can and cannot do. I sigh, but I met so many wonderful people during hubby’s hospitalization – people who are enduring much more and much worst conditions.  Yes, we had to face several disappointments. Yet, while his quality of life is much constrained, he is at least alive to tell the tales of his adventures in the health care system.

His kidneys failed while in hospital and he is now on dialysis and will likely be for the rest of his life, though doctors tell us miracles can happen and there is a possibility of his kidney function returning – it is a possibility but not a probability. Still, he is still here beside me and I am so very grateful for each moment of each and every day. And it is good to be home at last.

26 thoughts on “Home at last!

    1. Thank you so much. Unfortunately much of his condition is due to irreparable damage caused by diabetes and the most we can hope for is that he doesn’t get any worse. I appreciate your kind words though.


  1. One positive thing about getting older is that our priorities change. Younger people seem to value being able to “DO stuff” while at our age we’re more grateful for just being together. For me this perspective more than makes up for any losses of abilities that were always temporary, anyway.

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    1. The saying, “youth is wasted on the young” springs to mind. (I smile as I write that) Yes, being together means so much, especially after several close calls, including this one, when I wondered if he was going to make it.

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  2. I am so glad to hear your good news! You have both been through so much; I’m glad that, even though there is still more ahead, at least you are not only finally in your familiar surroundings, but in your familiar surroundings with each other. Blessings and prayers for you both. Big hug!! ❤ ❤

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