In the concrete jungle

Where sky scrapers block the sun

Where blue skies are but patches

In a world of grey stone

My soul thirsts and hungers

For green trees and birdsong

For running waters

That flow over rocks and stones

Here in this city

I feel small and alone

Memory brings me back

To oceans deep and wild

To the towering mountains

And emerald valleys lush and kind

Soon, I whisper

Soon I will be there

Where rivers rush to meet their mother

And waves crash on the shore

Soon, I promise myself

Envisioning sand between my toes

Where no cement unbending

Cause my soles to hurt

My soul too, hurts

But soon this will be

Just another memory

Of my travels through this life


26 thoughts on “Soon

  1. Oh Carol. I SO relate to this one. I had to live in Lindon for a while. Not in a particularly nice area, and ALL that I longed for were all those things you have mentioned. I really ached for them. A brilliant poem.

      1. It is so difficult when loved ones are hospitalized and worse when not in their own home town!! It’s hard!! Very hard!! And expensive. ❤️

  2. Beautifully written and expressed Carol. I could haver never imagined my own journey. Life is a maze. Prayer has always been SOS. How nice it is to encounter or envision the peaceful places of nature.

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