I see you there so filled with bitterness and hate

Riding upon the swells of anger that seek to hide your pain

Strike first is your motto; tear apart and kill

Oh would that you could accept

The peace that is offered with love

But you cast aside every offer,

With contempt you deny all comers

And sad am I as I walk away

No joy do I take in your sorrow

Disguised, though it is, in rage and acrimony

And as I stand on a world away

I pray and I pray and I pray

God alone knows your burdens

And what thorns press against your side

How I wish you could set aside pride

And open your heart once again

To hear sweet laughter from within you

But you curl your fingers into closed fists

Denying all help and all blessings

It is a sorrowful day

My heart breaks in two within me

But I choose to live in peace

And I turn my face to the sun

And leave you in God’s hands

15 thoughts on “In Memory of Someone Brittle and Worn

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