When all seems perverted and serenity’s lost

When the world is committed to counting the cost

Of feeding the hungry or housing the poor

And considers the sum too high to be paid

When refuge and comforts are all cast aside

And the poor and the needy are objectified and derided

Remember this perspective is but one side of the coin

Winners and losers all look the same

When stripped of their flesh and stripped of their name

Do not despair

Don’t ever lose heart

Somehow and some way goodness comes from it

Though we know not the reason and are questioning why

We see but one aspect

The Divine sees the whole

So, don’t worry or fret or scurry about

Seeking solutions with limited intelligence

Stand down and be silent

All is mystery

Our eyes are so blinded

Our ears can mishear

Our human devising’s not up to the task

There is one and one only

Known by many names

Who has each of us counted, the rich and the poor and the middle-class too

Under the skin and under those flags we truly are one

So, let go of planning, of scheming and such

And be in this moment and each moment after

Be with the sorrows and be with the laughter

Being is enough, when we’re mindful and present

Serenity returns like a bird to its nest

The heart knows the truth:

That here we must rest

Right here, today, in this very moment

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