Frost Texture – Stockvault image

Sacred whispers

In every leaf and flower

Every tree, every bush

Each singing waterway

Divinity speaks quietly

And bids me to pay heed

To generous scenes of loveliness

That’s sent for all to see

And in the winter months

When all is ice and snow

The frost paints pretty pictures

For all to gaze upon

And consider the artist’s hand

Best of all these wondrous gifts

Are all completely free

My spirit’s filled with delight and awe

Sing on, my soul, sing on

Of nature’s praise, and glory be

For all eternity

9 thoughts on “Sacred Whispers

    1. I was inspired and wrote from the heart – yes, I guess you could say it’s a spiritual song telling of the goodness, the story of the love that surrounds us and the divine hand that is involved in everything in nature….

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