Winter can seem so unbearably long, especially when the temperatures dip to -40 Celsius and sometimes lower in this neck of the woods. In the early morn it can be as cold as -50s with the windchill factored in. It has not been fun driving to work in an ice haze, which is similar to a thick fog. Added to this is the frozen exhaust fumes from vehicles in front of me as I drove white-knuckled to work. These cold snaps do not last long – usually not more than a few days.

I joke that I cannot think straight because I am experiencing brain freeze (is that really a thing? It feels like it might be). At any rate, my friend Kathy enjoys winter. She is an avid skier and an outdoor enthusiast through all the seasons. Her collection of winter nature photos are every bit as wonderful as those she’s captured at any other time of year. She very kindly consented for me to use her photographs on my blog. This is the second installment. If you visit the island of Newfoundland in Canada you, too, may see some of the birds featured here. Without further ado here are some of the images captured by nature photographer, Kathy Marche.

Visitors to bird feeders include Redpolls – Kathy Marche photo
This little Redpoll must have been foraging for seed under the snow – Kathy Marche photo
What a treat to see Goldfinches in winter. – Kathy Marche photo
White-rumped Sandpipers like the seashore. – Kathy Marche photo
Black-capped Chick-a-dees can be seen at all times of the year. – Kathy Marche photo

The Boreal chick-a-dee is also a frequent visitor – Kathy Marche photo
Siskin in the snow — such a pretty little bird! – Kathy Marche photo
Newfoundlanders are always happy to see the return of the American Robin – one of the first signs of Spring! – Kathy Marche photo
Blue Jays stay year round. – Kathy Marche photo
While their cry is not exactly music to the ears, Blue Jays are quite pretty birds. – Kathy Marche photo
Snow bunting – so aptly named! – Kathy Marche photo
Another shot of a Snow Bunting – love the color in its cheeks! – Kathy Marche photo
This Willow Ptarmigan is well disguised to avoid predators, my friend has a good eye! – photo by Kathy Marche

Once again, sincere thanks to Kathy Marche for allowing me to showcase some of her beautiful photographs here. I hope you enjoy them.

14 thoughts on “Winter’s Songsters

  1. I think I’m in heaven! Seeing this post of yet more gorgeous bird pics simply took my breath away yet again. I’m thrilled that you have been posting so many of late. I could look at Kathy’s and your pics of birds forever. I see lots of blue jays around here, but I’ve never seen a view like the head on one you show here. Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing this beauty with us all again.

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    1. I am so glad you are enjoying them – there will be another post or two featuring Kathy’s photographs. I cannot give a particular time, but within the next 24 – 48 hours…. It’s so nice to read your comments regarding them. I enjoy them too. Thanks so much for your kind words.

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