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Educate to Liberate

As a lifelong educator having been blessed to work in every professional capacity imaginable, from: teacher, curriculum writer, academic interventionist, instructional coach, assistant principal, principal, chief academic officer and now as a graduate education professor – I have experienced my fair share of how school districts across the country uniquely (albeit clumsily) interpret the best way(s) to pay homage to the proud legacy, traditions and future aspirations of an entire nation of people during #BlackHistoryMonth. Sadly, I have also been witness to my fair share of #Fails in this regard. In light of being an educator always ready and willing to teach and in the spirit of full transparency, I wish to share my ideology re: the many ways that school districts across the country (often unintentionally) dishonor Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s brainchild for an annual month of recognition, and more importantly, how we can best rectify this aberration.


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5 thoughts on “How Schools Dishonor Black History Month

  1. …”if in fact teaching is a calling then anti-racist and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy is a non-negotiable pre-requisite to the profession.”

    I suspect the teaching profession iS a calling for many, and if many teachers could they would do it applying many more dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s. Unfortunately, rent has to be paid, and in many cases rent won’t be covered if “true” feelings are not! Very sad when there is so much more to learn and teach, and a better way of going about it.

    Whenever I read anything about the teaching profession, I instantly think of Marva Collins. She comes to mind every time!

    1. I have a deep respect for teachers – especially as so many are struggling with larger class sizes and less resources. I am not familiar with Marva Collins – but I will look her up to learn about her. Thank you for reading!

    2. Forgive my ignorance. I did a search and found out: “Marva Delores Collins was an American educator who started Westside Preparatory School in the impoverished Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago in 1975”. I am Canadian, and although I am familiar with the more famous Americans like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King (of course), I was not familiar with Marva Collins. So, thanks to you, I am now a little bit more educated and inspired. Thank you!

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