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Woman in the Mirror

I see that woman in the mirror

And think, ‘That can’t be me”

That woman with the wrinkles

And the silver highlights in her hair

Where did she come from?

I did not invite her here

Aw, age, you’ve ruined the package

The “me” I used to be

Another year older

More grey streaks sneaking in

I chuckle with mirth inside

And think myself cleverly disguised

So that people make assumptions

About my wise intelligence

Learned and experienced

Or, conversely, think me a fool –

An old one at that, who really should know better

Playing at being “cool”

I will tell you all a secret:

I am neither old nor young

I am all the parts of life I’ve lived

Clothed in furrowed, rumpled skin

I am all of my yester-years

And tomorrows yet to come

I see that woman in the mirror

That smiles with twinkly eyes

It matters not what ‘they’ think

I’ve seen the bright blue skies

The beauty of the oceans

And running, babbling brooks

I’ve stood awestruck by mountains

Towering into the skies

I’ve kissed little toes

And hugged the teenager, too

I’ve lived a life of wonder

And I wish it all for you

21 thoughts on “Woman in the Mirror

  1. There are intense spiritual denotations from the physical merits of wisdom. If people had an inkling of these values, they would cash in on the mysteries. Cheers and the very best wishes always and for the new year!!❤❤❤💥💥❤❤❤❤

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