Beautiful words from a beautiful soul ….i LOVE THIS!

"A NEW NORMAL" by Celenia Delsol (c) 2022

Because I’ve been there. To hell and back. Because I have more than an inkling of what  lies ahead. I know you don’t care about the future right now. You’re still in that one breath, one step, one day at a time phase. That’s OK. I’ll be here when you’re open to hope and possibility again. No rush.

I can hold your hand, hold you in my arms, hold your heart as it breaks again and again and again. No worries if it falls and shatters onto the ground. I will help pick up the pieces, reassemble them with you, place your re-constituted heart on a soft cushioned pillow in a pretty box, tie it with a bow, and place it back in your chest to keep on beating – even if you couldn’t care less. For now, I will care for you.

I will be there after the dust…

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