I am struggling to get over the flu as I write this. My husband is still in hospital and the guilt I feel at not being able to visit him is adding to the unwellness. I keep telling myself I cannot help him unless I am well myself – can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. He’s had a lot of issues with his health for several years now. The first “rehearsal” was a heart attack back in 2004 that pulled the rug out from under my feet and left me a quivering mess for a short while. Then a quadruple bypass in 2015 and a list of hospital stays too frequent for my liking – and definitely not for his.

Diabetes causes so many complications. At present his kidneys are failing and we are fighting to keep them working well enough to avoid dialysis. The issues are many and complicated. With each new challenge comes the fear he will not be strong enough to fight another battle. So far, he has always come through it. I am becoming more confident that he will again. We started this year with him in hospital. I am hoping we won’t end it the same way. I have been so proud of him for watching his diet and being on top of his blood sugars. I just wish he had taken better care of his health years ago, but what’s done is done and so we try to carry on.

Diabetes is a horrible disease. It attacks all major organs as well as eyesight and digestion. But it can be managed. We have a friend who was recently diagnosed with this disease. She gets very frightened when she sees what my hubby is going through. But, you see, he was in denial for many years and refused to change his eating habits and at times refused to take his medications – which is why he’s in this condition today. So, if you or a loved one is given this diagnosis don’t panic. It can be managed, but healthy eating and medication is of utmost importance.

Okay, I have spent the bit of energy I had to write this, now I have to put myself back to bed. May all who read this take heed as far as diabetes is concerned, and may you all be well in mind, body, and spirit.

11 thoughts on “On Type 2 Diabetes

  1. I hope both you and your hubby feel better soon.

    You have given a very true picture of diabetes.

    I need to add just one too
    In addition to healthy eating regular exercise helps to avoid diabetes and to keep it under control if you’re diabetic.

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  2. Sending heartfelt prayers and well wishes to you and your husband! May God continue to bless and keep you both as you move towards complete health and wellness. We should all take heed to your wise words to exercise good judgment with our own health and eating habits, and even as challenges arise, we should not accept it as a declaration of doom but as a wake up call to prioritize self-care. Blessings and light…💫

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