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At times we may hide ourselves

Deep within a self-made cave

When wounds are deep and trust is low

When thoughts we think are full of woe

And blessings are unseen

curses seem the way of things

it’s hard to listen or hear the clarion bell

That speaks to us of our worthiness

The chime is sweet, but we are weak

And deaf to its dulcet tone

Blind we are to beauty rich

And bitterness enters in

Words and thoughts swirl within

The whirl pool of our minds

Deepest waters drown out the good

And doubt seems to rule the day

When offered options to sink or swim

We too often choose the former

And sink deeper below the waves

But like the sea we can cast ashore

The flotsam and jetsam of our minds

All that harms and poisons us

We have control of these

Though we think it otherwise

Oh no, my dear, the lies you tell yourself  as you curl up here

Like a fetus within the womb

Will surely be your ruin

Look here and see within this mirror that I hold for thee

The mirror that is my eyes, for loveliness, and goodness too

Are what I see in you

Do not hold fast your stubborn disbelief but take a chance and see

I will reflect back to you all the grace and sweetness you possess

Your kindness and loving disposition

Set free that demon that’s riding high upon your burdened soul

Let it, not you, sink far below

To never rise again

Come swim, come swim

And leave, at least for now

This horrid isolation

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