So utterly beautiful

Blaze of Obscurity

The forest rises up from the first hills that mark the beginnings of mountains. You walk here from the tiny hamlet, past the soccer field where you used to go with your father in the evenings and watch the deer graze in the fading light and wait for the clockwork scurry of the hedgehogs searching the lawns for slugs and snails.

The trees begin soon after as the rise becomes more earnest, and at first iti is a jumble of deciduous hedges interspersed  with oaks and beeches. Then the pines take over on the opposite side of the road, and you turn right along the packed gravel drive. Here the strawberry plants huddle with their little three pronged leaves, and you slow down to bend and peek, and begin to uncover the tiny wild fruits. They taste…they taste like the way your mother’s hand felt when you had a childhood…

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