A wonderful post from women and words … As Christmas approaches and as winter gets colder here is something we can all do to make life a bit better for those who have nothing…please read on…



Women and Words

With winter on its way, and in some cases already here, Halloween decorations are tapering out as first hints of plastic snowflakes and colorful pixie lights are popping up. The coats are getting heavier, the shoes thicker. With each day the standing space on the train gets smaller as layers pile on. And there is one thing that occupies my mind on these rides into the city.

I’m seeing on average four to five homeless people a day, walking through the train cars, asking for help. Their words are repetitive and rehearsed, and many of them seem hungry and bored. I wonder how many times a day they say the same thing, to get enough coins for anything. Most are people of color, many are approaching middle age, some are injured and sick. A man with elephantiasis lumbers through the cars every so often, mothers jangle coins in the near…

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