Goblin King

A week to go to Hallowe’en

And trick or treaters make the scene

The trees are bare, all leaves have fallen

Ghosts and witches will come calling

But hark what is that sound I hear?

Methinks it is the goblin king

His pointed head and empty eyes

Cannot be masked, Or ere disguised

What fright or scare has given birth

To this monster of the night?

He hovers over our little earth

And calls forth his winged company

Of darklings and the ghoulish ghouls

Summons too, from deep in the murk

his gloom-faced fiends from where they lurk

To seek tender souls on which to feast

Until the sun rises in the east

Monsters big and monsters small

That creep and sneak and eerily crawl

Matching none born of the earth

And come out but once a year

To feed upon our restless fears

The moon is bright

Casting shadows in the night

The sun has set and all around

The people talk of demon clowns

And gird themselves for All Hallows Eve

For word has spread and all around

They gossip of the war to come

Battling the Goblin King

And all his hosts of night-time things

Make haste, make haste they tell each other

Gather candy, gather treats

For the demons of the night

Will take flight

And all we can battle with

Are gifts of love and sugar sweet

Let every child be anchored down

With burgeoning bags from trick or treat

So that not one will be lost

To the goblins or the ghouls

For they cannot carry a heavy load

So well we know the kiddies’ hearts

And with their loot they shall not part

Making for a weighty freight

And if this is not enough

We’ll hide the kiddies ‘neath wigs and stuff

We will arm them well, our children fair

Let goblins come, if they dare

Our children will run through the night

And never will they have the fright

Of seeing the Goblin King

T’is adults alone will have that sight

On the haunting Hallowe’en night

T’is glad I am that it’s but once a year

After which The Goblin King

Shall slink and slither to his lair

To await another year






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